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  • How does it work?

    Joe Blogs is a decision maker of XYZ company based in London, New York, Anchorage or any town on the globe.Joe is looking to get some work done for his clients within short deadlines or maybe his client has a very tight budget. Or Joe wants to reduce his overall cost spending. Now Joe does not want to lose his client or business.


    Joe decides to do the work himself and make no great profit on the project with bit of dissatisfaction, because of the extra time that he needs to put in or just get the work done by a freelancer which he may not have control over Here we come in place! Joe can hire our dedicated resource or have 3 offshore full time developers for the cost of 1 or just 1 offshore developer depending on the work and duration he needs them for a project.


    Sounds great, isn’t it?


    Well you can get more, if you are looking to hire more than two virtual dedicated resources for more than 6 months, we can allocate a local account/project manager who could assist in any management related issues or task follow up and even to work on your project at no cost to you.


    Effectively you can have your own dedicated team of developers working for you from our development center saving you resource cost, operations costs and management costs.


  • How you can communicate with your team?

    Face to Face meeting means flying 700 miles, oops no!


    You can get them on ISDN Video Conference, Skype, MSN Messenger or call your developer using a UK or USA landline number with Email Support.


  • How do I know if the developers are working on my projects ?

    Well we will ensure that our staff maintains high quality of service at all times and their activity is monitored by effective applications that are setup on each of our workstations and also CCTV recordings are live within our staff working areas to maintain safety and discipline.


    Most importantly at the end of each day you will receive a report/time and work sheet which includes the hourly activity of your resource which includes targets achieved and planned work for the following day and week.


    Apart from this we hold review meetings, weekly work management meetings, and monthly progress meetings- sometimes our clients join us via Skype while their team meets to discuss their projects.


  • What level of communication do they have? Can the developers understand what we say? Can they write emails & documents?

    Yes, our resources are screened for communication skills, trained and explained with business cultures of major states and cities across the globe, which helps us deliver our services across the globe.


    Majority of our resources are experienced in dealing with a broad range of clients.


    Our developer speak fluent English, and are able to write, explain, technical documents, user guides and project handover documents.


  • What about data protection, Intellectual and Proprietary Rights?

    Data Protection is our top priority, all our employees work on secure workstations and follow strict data protection policy of the company which includes a non-disclosure agreement signed by each employee working for us.


    Intellectual and Sole Proprietary rights of the projects belongs to the client instead otherwise stated.


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Hire PPC Expert London

Every entrepreneur who is looking forward to doing business on internet and make a fortune out of it has website as the most vital and valuable resource. The big concern for any website owner is directly related to his revenue source is the Pay Per Click or PPC optimization.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of Internet advertising in which an advertiser needs to pay the host website if the advertisement is clicked by a visitor. Most advertisers target on keyword phrases that help them in doing well in the search result pages. PPC is directly linked with Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) aspects of the website and the advertisement campaign. PPC expert’s setup links to promote your website product and services. PPC expert services are definitely an efficient and effective strategy.


So hiring a PPC Expert is a very crucial part of the process. Major contribution of Pay Per Click Consultant is to provide direct link on advertisement page to connect to your company link so as to make your client more convinced with your services and channels.


Our PPC experts are well trained in extensive keyword research that enables the ranking to be at top globally. Our PPC expert knows the step wise procedure to upgrade and enhance the level of your brand and maintain the consistency of higher ranking of your product online.


Tasks covered under our PPC Management:


Initial Site & Business Analysis

Competitors Research

Keyword Analysis & Matrix

Strategic Ad Group Segmentation

Ad Copy Creation

Bidding & Geo Targeting

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Content

Setting Up Of The Campaign

PPC ROI Statistics & Analysis

Conversion Metric Analysis

Cost To Revenue Analysis


Our PPC expert knows how to design well written ads to enhance the amount of traffic you receive to your website. Our PPC experts are experienced in Google Adword management to provide you with maximum benefit of their expertise.Our Google Adwords expert will launch a successful campaign so that your PPC marketing efforts pays in the best possible way for your business.




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